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$250 (first hour), and then only

$75 for each additional hour!

Who else do I hear on the recordings? --- It's just me! Specifically designed for ViolinPhoenix, I've carefully recorded solo-supportive accompaniment tracks to enhance the experience of the solo violin and give a dependably high-quality sound to your event while keeping your costs as low as possible. 

What kind of violin are you using? --- Right now I'm using an NS Design WAV5 electric violin played through a mixer then out to a QSC K10 powered speaker. It's a great combination I put together for ViolinPhoenix that allows me to set the sound level to your exact requirements, whether indoors or outside, from whisper-quiet to very full. Most of my tunes were recorded with this violin.

How many guests can you play for? --- Indoors or outside, I'm great for any size group -- from a few couples having dinner, to several hundred at weddings or other special events.

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